Students spend one full collaborative day on board the Lennon Bus to create original songs and music videos, short films or documentaries reflective of their ideas. Lennon Bus crew members are Producer/Engineers who set the pace and lead the day’s group through the various workflows needed to complete the project. The Lennon Bus experience is for all students - both skilled and beginning creators, musicians, producers, writers, filmmakers, etc..


Tours of the Lennon Bus studios are designed to introduce visitors to career paths in audio, video and broadcast technologies. Learn about the technical details of the studios, the chart topping artists that have recorded on board, and production tips for creating content at home or school. Outside in the Lennon Bus’ (2) 10’x10’ tents, students can jam on the latest music gear while enjoying the hands-on experiences and giveaways.


Students create original art, music and video, and propose their ideas for peace and social justice. Important and sometimes difficult topics are discussed including Empathy, Equality, Truth, Immigration, and Peace. Human Peace sign events transcend borders, races, religion and creeds; they bring the whole community together to stand for peace. Culminating events at schools, museums and venues, showcase premieres of the original student works created on board.


While on site at concerts and festivals the Lennon Bus and crew provide artists, attendees and local students with immersive studio experiences, live recordings and videos, promotions, ticket giveaways, and backstage experiences with artists and production staff.


Showcasing the next generation of music, audio, video and broadcast technologies, the Lennon Bus appears frequently at some of the most relevant trade shows and conferences, and provides students from local organizations with a front row seat to panels and demonstrations of the latest products and solutions.