Lennon Buses in the United States and Europe are dedicated to providing young people, communities and schools with free events, workshops, interactive experiences, and hands-on opportunities to produce audio, video, and digital media projects.

John and Yoko

Together with the artist Yoko Ono, John leveraged his fame to call attention to important issues regarding social justice, love and peace, and they co-wrote the global anthem, Imagine.


Founded in 1998 by Yoko Ono and Brian Rothschild, the Lennon Bus was born to provide opportunities to create original art and media and carry John and Yoko’s legacy forward.


Making stops at K-12 schools, universities and college campuses, and with a special focus on underserved populations, the Lennon Bus works together with community leaders to provide students from diverse backgrounds with opportunities to develop skills and career path awareness.
Since 1998, Lennon Bus programs have provided millions of students with FREE events, workshops, interactive experiences, and hands-on opportunities to produce original audio, video and broadcast projects reflective of their ideas and concerns. Songwriting, music videos, short films, documentaries, live events, and career inspiring tours of the studios are just a sampling of activities.
Each Bus has a crew of 3 producers/educators who live onboard and facilitate programs designed for small, medium and large groups. The Bus appears at festivals, public events and conferences/trade shows to promote the mission of inspiring the next generation to come together, create, and… Imagine Peace.


The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has always been made possible by a community of artists, educators, and companies who want to inspire the next generation of creators and peacemakers including: Apple, Inc., Gibson, Genelec, Avid, Audio-Technica, SSL, Other World Computing, Neutrik, Sonnet Technologies, Universal Audio, The NAMM Foundation, Notetracks, Baker & McKenzie.