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The increasing accessibility of digital technology has led to an amazing expansion of opportunity in the art of digital storytelling. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus has been at the forefront of this new media explosion, having produced daily video projects with students since January of 2001. The Lennon Bus puts state-of-the-art HD video equipment into the hands of workshop participants and teaches the entire digital workflow from storyboarding to web publication. Students leave the experience having shot, chopped, scored, and (most importantly) finished an entire digital media production. Using the latest cameras and professional hardware/software solutions including Apple Final Cut Pro X, Avid Pro Tools, and Adobe Creative Cloud, participants are exposed to the exciting world of digital videography and learn hot techniques of the trade. The accessibility of professional-quality technology is making it possible for millions of new voices to be heard and the John Lennon Bus incubates the talents of tomorrow's great digital producers. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss any original videos produced on the Lennon Bus.